Making Friends Before College: Entering Big Schools

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    Once you’ve decided the college you’re going to attend, you can begin connecting with your fellow classmates! Meeting people in the same university before beginning the year can be especially helpful in alleviating stress and making the first few weeks easier to adjust to.  

    Modes of Reaching People

    There are several ways you can reach out to other incoming freshman, and your future roommates:

    • University email system (this would be better for formal communications, especially with your roommates)
    • Facebook groups – these are often in the format of “______ University Class of _____”
    • Group Me or Discord chats
    • Collect phone numbers during orientation, such as people you’d like to stay in touch with as friends or potential mentors
    • Social media like Instagram or Twitter is a great way to see who will be attending your university, especially if your school promotes a certain hashtag for their incoming freshman to use

    Communication Tips

    It can be daunting to reach out to new people, especially roommates who you will live with the rest of the year! Follow these tips to help make the process smoother:  


    • If you’re trying to reach out to your roommates, start off with a simple introduction of yourself and state that you will be one of the roommates
    • You can wait for their response and then have a conversation about things you may need for the dormother policies, and also talk about your hobbies, interests, major, and the like
    • On many university Facebook groups, students post introductions of themselves, along with their interests and any social media handles – the point of these introductions is usually to meet new peers online 
    • If you see someone with common interests or major as you, don’t be afraid to reach out! Usually, everyone is in the same boat as you, and new contacts and friendships are always welcome
    • Be brief in your introduction and add one or two talking points – this allows the other person to start or continue the conversation without feeling overwhelmed 

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