High School


AP, Honors, and Standard: What Class Level Is Best

High School Class Registration: Guide To Graduation

Getting A Strong High School Recommendation Letter

School Supplies List: Back To School Essentials

Scheduling Graduation Requirements: 4 Year Plan

High School Classroom Structure and Expectations

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Middle School VS High School: Tips For New School

Being Successful

Advice for Stressed High Schoolers: What I Wish I Knew

Increasing High School GPA: What Actually Worked

Free Online Resources: Study Smarter Not Harder

Getting Outside Help: Tutoring Resources You Should Use

Perfecting Your Note Taking: High School Edition

Non-Graded Homework: How To Get It Done

Standardized Tests

Why Should I Take The SATs: Resources & Help

Why You Should Take SAT Subject Tests

Can I Take An AP Without Taking The Class: Self Studying

Why Get A GED: Student Guide To Passing

Why Should I Take The ACT: Guide And Resources

SAT VS ACT: What Students Should Consider


Should I Work Part-Time: Student Pros And Cons

Dual Enrollment in Community College Classes: The New AP?

Scoring An Internship: High School Edition

Service Hours: How To Get The Most Experience As A Student

Pre-Professional Clubs: Do They Prepare You For Undergrad?

JROTC Programs: Does This Mean I Will Get Deported?

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