Application Materials

Transferring AP Credits: Tips For Getting A Degree Faster

• Finding and Interpreting a School’s AP Credit Policy
• How to Use AP Credit Acceptance in Making Your Decision

Resume for College Applications: How To Stand Out

• Building Your Resume
• Content
• Structure/Formatting
• Templates

Why You Should Request A College Interview: Applying To College

• How to Set It Up
• What to Expect

Applying to United States Schools: Application Material

• Special Documents and Tests
• Filling Out the Application

Comprehensive College Application: Timeline

• Freshman and Sophmore
• Junior Year
• Senior Year

Creating A Perfect Personal Statement: College Essays

• Types of Essays
• Brainstorming Essay Topics
• Essay Skeletons and Example Formats
• Miscellaneous Tips

Filling Out Requirements: Guide To College Application

• Types of Applications
• Tips for Putting Together a Successful Application

Choosing A Major or Majors of Interest: Starting College

• Interests/Hobbies/Passions
• Skills/Talents
• Job Growth/Salary
• University/Post Undergrad
• Narrowing Down Your Options

Additional Paperwork for College Application

• Transcripts
• Recommendation Letters
• Test Scores

College Acceptance: Step By Step Process

• Initial Enrollment Process
• Handling Finances
• Pre-Orientation Activities

Getting The Most Of Your College Visit: Undergrad Edition

• When to Schedule College Visits
• Making the Most of Your Visit(s)

Filtering Applications and Acceptances

Deciding Which Colleges to Apply To: Student Guide

• Location
• Finances
• Acceptance Likelihood
• Academic Programs
• Environment

Comparing College Acceptances: How Do I Pick A College

• Financial Packages and Loans
• Programs of Study
• School Environment / Resources
• Career Network and Job Prospects

Secrets To Getting A Scholarship: Applying

• Types of Scholarships
• How to Apply

Filling Out FAFSA: Students Tips For Getting It Done

• The Logistics
• How to Fill it Out

Making Friends Before College: Entering Big Schools

• Modes of Reaching People
• Communication Tips

College Athletics: Student Guide To Recruitment

• Getting Noticed
• Committing
• Tips

Waitlisted: Guide To Delay Acceptance Programs

• Waitlist Programs
• Admission Deferrals
• Deferred Enrollment

Subject Tests: How To Place In Higher Classes

• Benefits of Placing Up a Class
• Is Placing Up Right for Me?
• How To Take A Subject Placement Test
• Testing Tips

Types of Colleges: Guide To Higher Education

• Public Universities
• Private Universities
• Community Colleges
• How to Choose

Financial Aid Package: What Is All This Information?

• What’s In Your Aid Package
• After You Get Your Package

Trade School / Alternatives

Consider Trade School: Student Overview

• The Skilled Labor Gap
• Pros and Cons of Trade School
• What the Path Looks Like

Picking A Trade: Options Provided By Trade Schools

• Ways to Get Familiar with Different Trades
• Factors to Consider
• Making Your Decision

College VS Trade School VS Career: Plan Your Future

• Traditional Four-Year College
• Trade School
• Career Transition
• Alternative Options for After High School

Choosing A Trade School: What To Look For

• How to Find Information
• What Information to Look For

Applying Requirements : A Guide To Trade School

• What it Will Consist Of
• Financial Aid

Alternatives to a Traditional University Education

• Online Programs
• Other Options