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    The paperwork that goes into college applications doesn’t stop with just submitting online applications! In addition to submitting your documents through the college’s online portal, you will also need to have transcripts and other documents sent in. Usually, the extra paperwork is also sent through an electronic portal by the high school, but sometimes it may need to be sent through mail, which requires extra time.


    • Every college application requires a high school transcript to be submitted as part of the application process.
    • Many high schools have a separate Transcript Office, where students can go to turn in transcript request forms. 
    • Otherwise, visit your guidance counselor for further instructions – sometimes counselors themselves are able to send transcripts. 
    • Make sure to list all the colleges you want a transcript sent to, and do this as soon as you can – the earlier the better. A small fee may be required as well.  

    Recommendation Letters

    • The most important thing to remember about recommendation letters is to ask as early as possible! 
    • Figure out how many letters are required by the colleges and honors programs you’re submitting applications for, and ask those teachers and staff members with ample time for them to submit. 
    • Usually, the college’s online portal will have a system that sends an automatic email to the recommenders so that they can submit the letter electronically. 

    Test Scores

    • Test scores should also be sent in as early as possible, especially since it may take some time for the reports to go through the online systems. 
    • Test scores can be sent directly from College Board for SAT tests, and ACT, Inc. for the ACT exams. 
    • AP Scores are usually not required by colleges until enrollment, but when it’s time to submit them, you can do so through the College Board website. Again, all score reports will require a fee to send.

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